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Commcorp Porto Alegre (PAE1)

Data Center
Commcorp Porto Alegre (PAE1)
Commcorp Telecom
Porto Alegre
Rua General Câmara 156
3o Andar
Porto Alegre

Commcorp Porto Alegre (PAE1) Data Center Details

Commcorp Porto Alegre (PAE1) is a data center in Porto Alegre. It is operated by Commcorp Telecom and sits in a building footprint of 15,931 sq ft. We do not yet have the details of what services are available at Commcorp Porto Alegre (PAE1). If you need to know if Commcorp Porto Alegre (PAE1) is carrier-neutral, or if you need services such as remote hands or rack-mounted cages, we recommend you contact the data center's staff directly.

We have been looking at business speeds performed over the last month inside a five-mile area of Commcorp Porto Alegre (PAE1), and the highest speed seen was 191.46mbps. Out of a total of 331 tests, the average corporate speed was 86.32mbps, and the most recent speed test happened on July 12 at 11:06pm.

Data Centers Near Commcorp Porto Alegre (PAE1)

Name Building Area Distance City, Zip
Terra Network Brasil S.A 3,380sq ft 0 mi Porto Alegre, 90010-030
PIX Vogel - Porto Alegre 25,812sq ft 0 mi Porto Alegre, 90010-080
PIX Adylnet Telecom - PAE 32,076sq ft 1 mi Porto Alegre
Metrolan 32,076sq ft 1 mi Porto Alegre
PIX Defferrari - PAE - 2 mi Porto Alegre, 90430-181
Global Crossing Porto Alegre 7,513sq ft 3 mi Porto Alegre
Virtu@lnet Telecom - 15 mi Sapucaia do Sul, 93220-070
Star - GTI 12,239sq ft 15 mi Gravataí, 94010-000
Sebratel - São Leopoldo - 21 mi São Leopoldo, 93120-620
Leovin Internet - Novo Hamburgo - 24 mi Novo Hamburgo, 93510-360

Average Business Internet Speeds Near Commcorp Porto Alegre (PAE1)

Frequently Asked Questions About Commcorp Porto Alegre (PAE1)

Who operates the Commcorp Porto Alegre (PAE1) data center?

The Commcorp Porto Alegre (PAE1) facility is operated by Commcorp Telecom, who also operate nine other data centers.

How can I find Commcorp Porto Alegre (PAE1)?

Commcorp Porto Alegre (PAE1) is in Porto Alegre, Brazil, and their full address is: Rua General Câmara 156, 3o Andar, Porto Alegre, RS, 90010-230, Brazil.

What services are available at Commcorp Porto Alegre (PAE1)?

We are still looking into services provided by Commcorp Porto Alegre (PAE1) and will shortly describe their rack sizes, remote hands support, and other services they offer.

How big is Commcorp Porto Alegre (PAE1)'s building footprint?

The building Commcorp Porto Alegre (PAE1) sits in has a footprint of 15,931 sq ft, which is about 1,480 square meters.

Last updated: Jul 12 2024