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Porto Alegre Data Center Facilities and Providers

Porto Alegre Data Center Summary

Porto Alegre has 22 providers running its 24 data centers. Commcorp Telecom's facilities include Commcorp Porto Alegre (PAE1), Star Servicos De Internet's facilities include Star - TQR, and Ferenz Networks's facilities include Ferenz Networks DC.

We have found building footprints for twelve facilities in Porto Alegre, adding up to 203,578 square feet, with the largest building covering 41,581 square feet, and containing the Ferenz Networks DC facility.

There are no carrier neutral facilities in Porto Alegre. Out of a total of 24, one data center offers remote hands support, you can host individual servers with two, and two provide rack cabinet hosting.

Over the last month, we have identified 315 speed tests on business connections in Porto Alegre, the most recent test happening on July 17 at 12:11am. The fastest corporate speed we have seen is 374.35mbps, and the average speed during this time is 89.14mbps.

Porto Alegre Data Center Map

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Non-Neutral Porto Alegre Data Centers

Name Provider Building Area City, Zip
Avato DC01-SMA Avato Tecnologia Ltda 3,498 sq ft Santa Maria, 97015004
Ferenz Networks DC Ferenz Networks 41,581 sq ft Xaxim, 89825-000

Other Facilities in Porto Alegre

Name Provider Building Area City, Zip
Global Crossing Porto Alegre Level 3 Communications 7,513 sq ft Porto Alegre
PIX Adylnet Telecom - PAE PIX Adylnet - PAE 32,076 sq ft Porto Alegre
Terra Network Brasil S.A Network Engineering 3,380 sq ft Porto Alegre, 90010-030
Metrolan Websul Telecom 32,076 sq ft Porto Alegre
PIX Vogel - Porto Alegre Vogel 25,812 sq ft Porto Alegre, 90010-080
Fundacao Parque Tecnologico Itaipu - Brasil Fundacao Parque Tecnologico Itaipu - Brasil - Foz do Iguacu, 85867-900
Commcorp Porto Alegre (PAE1) Commcorp Telecom 15,931 sq ft Porto Alegre, 90010-230
SulNet Sulnet - Santa Rosa, 98780-717
Commcorp Florianópolis (FNS1) Commcorp Telecom 7,955 sq ft Florianópolis, 88085-150
Leovin Internet - Novo Hamburgo LVT Telecom - Novo Hamburgo, 93510-360
PIX-RNP/UFSC PoP-SC/RNP - Florianópolis, 88040900
Sebratel - São Leopoldo Sebratel Tecnologia LTDA - São Leopoldo, 93120-620
TCA Internet - TQR1 TCA Internet - Taquara, 95600-482
FURB-IX Datacenter FURB Internet Exchange - Blumenau, 89030903
BRDrive BRDrive - Videira, 89566-060
PIX Defferrari - PAE Defferrari Informática - Porto Alegre, 90430-181
Star - TQR Star Servicos De Internet - Taquara, 95600-000
Star - GTI Star Servicos De Internet 12,239 sq ft Gravataí, 94010-000
Certto Telecom Certto Telecomunicações 8,837 sq ft Cascavel, 85810010
Constel Tecnologia Constel Tecnologia LTDA 12,680 sq ft Cascavel, 85813-060
Virtu@lnet Telecom Virtu@lnet Telecom - Sapucaia do Sul, 93220-070

Porto Alegre Data Center Providers

Provider Porto Alegre Data Centers Building Footprint Total
Commcorp Telecom 2 23,885 sq ft
Star Servicos De Internet 2 12,239 sq ft
Ferenz Networks 1 41,581 sq ft
FURB Internet Exchange 1 -
BRDrive 1 -
Constel Tecnologia LTDA 1 12,680 sq ft
Level 3 Communications 1 7,513 sq ft
Certto Telecomunicações 1 8,837 sq ft
PoP-SC/RNP 1 -
TCA Internet 1 -
Sulnet 1 -
PIX Adylnet - PAE 1 32,076 sq ft
Network Engineering 1 3,380 sq ft
LVT Telecom 1 -
Avato Tecnologia Ltda 1 3,498 sq ft
Websul Telecom 1 32,076 sq ft
Vogel 1 25,812 sq ft
Fundacao Parque Tecnologico Itaipu - Brasil 1 -
Defferrari Informática 1 -
Sebratel Tecnologia LTDA 1 -
Virtu@lnet Telecom 1 -

Business Internet Speeds in Porto Alegre

Frequently Asked Questions About Porto Alegre's Data Centers

How many data centers are in Porto Alegre?

Porto Alegre has 24 data centers available to its businesses.

Does Porto Alegre have any carrier-neutral data centers?

None of Porto Alegre's data centers are carrier-neutral.

Who operates data center facilities in Porto Alegre?

Porto Alegre's data center providers include Commcorp Telecom, Star Servicos De Internet, Ferenz Networks, FURB Internet Exchange, and BRDrive.

Last updated: Jul 17 2024