The Importance Of Data Center Infrastructure Management

March 21, 2012 6 Comments »

DCIM or data center infrastructure management is a rapidly emerging area for data center operations. While any data center has been, in the past, looked at as a cost center, today, a data center can add business value to an enterprise too. The change in opinion has been made possible due to the advancements in DCIM which fosters the viewpoint that a data center can have a positive influence on the bottom line of any business when it helps in faster and more effective response to business changes.

With an effective infrastructure management policy and eco system in place, any company can plan, predict and manage its systems better and realize benefits like simpler operating environments and better information management. There is of course, the benefit of decreased costs as well.

The growth in the DCIM markets is also set to be strong. In 2010, the DCIM software sector showed revenue of $245 million and according to the 451 Research report, will touch $ 1.3 billion in 2015. The CAGR is 39% as far as aggregate revenue goes and this is serious money indeed.

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