The Future Of Lead Acid Batteries In Data Centers

June 28, 2012 Comments Off on The Future Of Lead Acid Batteries In Data Centers

In the very recent past, there was talk about the A123 Systems new lithium ion phosphate battery technology. The technology is being tested to check out whether it can perform better or worse with conventional lead acid batteries. One company and its products are playing a major role in this space. The East Penn Manufacturing Company and its UltraBattery is considered to be an advanced lead acid product. According to Warren Brown, a car columnist with Washington Post, this battery may be able to hold its own as far as lithium technology goes.

Its major advantages lie in the fact that it is less expensive and easier to recycle too. Lead is also easier to mine than lithium. UltraBattery integrates lead acid technology and asymmetric supercapacitor.

This hybrid battery can be recharged for many more times than conventional batteries. All this means the possibility of the data center industry getting its hands on a alternative power source.

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