The Biggest Data Center In USA

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Bluffdale, a small town in the Utah desert is seeing the development of a massive data center. This facility is being built by the US government and will function as the hub of the NSA or National Security Agency. It is coming up on a $2 billion complex and is part of the program to take the US to total information awareness. This data center will have around 2,300 square meters of server space and will be fuelled by $40 million of electricity every year.
In terms of operations, the data center is meant to collect and analyze communication from satellites and undersea cable of domestic and foreign networks.

Apparently, this data center can also enable the US to read foreign diplomatic and military communications. NSA is looking to become the biggest intrusive intelligence agency and this data center is a main linchpin of this plan.  This data center is being equipped with unforeseen code breaking and cryptoanalysis capabilities.

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