QFabric System For Data Centers From Juniper

June 15, 2012 1 Comment »

Juniper Networks, known for its power of innovation in network, has announced the availability of its QFX3000-M QFabric System aimed at mid tier data centers, satellite data centers and data centers that have space constraints. The system is a new model that will bring the benefits of the QFX3000-G, which is the company’s first QFabric System, to middle sized data centers. Among the many benefits that the QFX3000-M delivers are 57% lower power consumption, 63% lesser space occupation and 74% lesser cabling.

The other addition that Juniper has announced is the improvement to its EX8200 switch which now allows clients to manage up to 4 data centers as a single switch.

Both these announcements mean that the client can get simpler data center management and better business agility. The QFabric System delivers great operational performance and low latency which are critical to high performance computing. The product has found positive feedback from a couple of sources too.

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