Intel Hotting Things Up

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Intel is asking its clients to turn up the temperatures in their data centers to enjoy benefits like reduced energy costs and decreased carbon footprint. Intel is confident that the data center company can look at a reduction of 4 % in energy costs with every 1○ C raise in temperature. Currently, the convention is to run data centers in a spectrum of 19 to 21 degrees centigrade. European data centers maintain their facilities at this temperature to ensure hot spots are eliminated. But to maintain this kind of cold environs, cooling equipment costs around $ 27 billion per annum and eats up around 1.5 % of world power.

According to Richard George, director of cloud services at Intel, by increasing the temperature in data centers all over the world, there can be a power savings of around $ 2.4 billion every year. But this also requires other chip makers to design their components to run at higher heat.

Today companies are looking to run their equipment at a maximum of 27 degrees which could bring in huge benefits as far as costs and carbon impact goes. Facebook and Microsoft are two of the big names which have realized vast savings by upping their temperatures significantly.

Intel has been a significant presence on the green map for its various ground breaking designs and practices.

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