Improving Business Agility Through Cloud Computing

March 6, 2012 1 Comment »

Cloud computing has certainly made its presence felt but the question that remains to be answered with some certainty is the degree of the impact it will have. Lot of enterprises are looking at using public cloud style scaling but are daunted by compliance and regulatory environments. Dynamic resource scaling which is cloud bursting on dedicated hardware can be one of the ways in which to leverage a virtual private data center to enhance business agility. This presents benefits like pay per use, scalability, flexibility and fault tolerance.

Converged infrastructure solutions are coming into the market to bring compute, storage and networking into one dynamic cloud system. A dedicated converged infrastructure solution offers an innovative enterprise business model.

A virtualized data center helps keep it simple. This is achieved by abstracting compute functions from the physical platform. Virtual machines thus provide huge flexibility for raw data processing. Storage virtualization also delivers flexibility. Business continuity and disaster mitigation are also afforded by hyper scale architecture.

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