Green Data Centers To Cross $45 Billion

September 18, 2012 2 Comments »

According to a report published by Pike Research, the market for green data centers is all set to grow and surpass the $45 billion mark by the year 2016. Factors such as increasing electricity prices, growing demand for storage and growing concerns for the environment are some of the factors that are pushing the growth of the green data centers. The report also states that data centers all over the world guzzle up 1.5% of the energy production of the world. With growth in technologies like cloud computing, virtualization and mobile technology, more and more companies will face it harder to keep pace with demands.

Data center expenditure is also most likely to be greatest in new infrastructure to replace the data center infrastructure that exists today. Concepts like zero energy data center and natural cooling are on the rise. Companies like Facebook and Google are investing in data centers in Scandinavia. HP has brought out a zero energy data center.

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