Google Recycling Water For Data Center Cooling

March 21, 2012 4 Comments »

Google has entered into a partnership with Douglasville- Douglas County Water and Sewer Authority to recycle greywater for cooling its data center in Douglas County, Georgia. Greywater is the water that is recycled from showers and bathtubs from residential facilities. Normally, this greywater finds its way into the River Chattahoochee.

The rationale behind using such water is that water for cooling purposes need not be sterile and fit enough for drinking. Therefore Google has invested in building a sidestream treatment plant which takes in this greywater and puts it through a process of sterilization, filtration and chlorination which cleans it for use in the evaporative cooling tower that Google has.

Google has taken this a step further by putting the water that does not evaporate during this process through an Effluent Treatment Plant which disinfects and cleans it of particulate matter and then pumps it into the Chattahoochee River.
With this water purification and utilization system, Google has created a 100% recycled water plant for its own operations.

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