Exalogic Elastic Cloud Software From Oracle

July 27, 2012 Comments Off on Exalogic Elastic Cloud Software From Oracle

Oracle is strengthening its presence in the private cloud with the release of its Exalogic Elastic Cloud Software 2.0. The company’s presence in the data center space is getting stronger since the upgrades help in running private cloud deployments. Oracle VirtualMachine 3.0 has been added to the Exalogic 2.0 giving it capabilities of greater support to bulkier virtual machines and simplifying management as well. It can support 2128 virtual CPUs and 1TB memory for each machine. According to the vice president of Oracle Fusion Middleware, Ajay Patel, software has been rearranged to make it virtualized cloud platform.

This gives it physical performance in a virtualized environment. By bringing in Oracle Traffic Director the company has increased the scalability of the machines too. There does not seem to be an indication of the machines being able to move into the cloud when they have run through their hardware capacity. Oracle has made no mention, yet, of linking this to Oracle Public Cloud.

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