After PUE, Its FVER For Data Center Efficiency Mapping

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PUE or Power Usage Effectiveness has been a long standing indicator of data center efficiency. Even though it has been knocked down for its imperfections time to time, it still does have a good foundation in the data center industry. But there is an emerging new standard and that is called FVER or Fixed to Variable Energy Ratio. This may well be a supplement to the usage of the PUE for data centers. FVER’s lineage is pretty solid. It has been conceptualized by Liam Newcombe who steered the best practices aspect of the EU code of conduct for data centers. This new metric is also buttressed by the British Computer Society and its DCSG or Data Center Specialist Group.

FVER is looking at including waste from other aspects of the data center like IT equipment, software and hardware and mechanical and engineering. PUE mostly is all about the waste in the mechanical and engineering components alone. While FVER may not be the panacea for all ills, it is a useful support for the industry.

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