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Synapsecom Telecoms - Provider

Data Center Provider
Synapsecom Telecoms
Data Center Count
Two data centers
Facility Locations
Two cities
14th VIOPA str
No 3
Ano Liosia

Synapsecom Telecoms Statistics and Figures

Synapsecom Telecoms operates two dater centers across two cities: Athens and Thessaloniki

All of Synapsecom Telecoms's data centers are carrier-neutral.

Synapsecom Telecoms's Data Centers

Name City Carrier Neutral Remote Hands Rack Cabinets Single Servers
Synapsecom SNC-2 Athens Athens Yes Yes Yes Yes
Synapsecom SNC-1 Thessaloniki Thessaloniki Yes Yes Yes Yes

Frequently Asked Questions About Synapsecom Telecoms

How many data centers does Synapsecom Telecoms operate?

Synapsecom Telecoms operates two data centers.

Which cities does Synapsecom Telecoms have data centers in?

There are two cities that Synapsecom Telecoms runs facilities within, including Athens and Thessaloniki.

Last updated: Nov 08 2018