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Neuf Cegetel - Provider

Data Center Provider
Neuf Cegetel
Data Center Count
Four data centers
Facility Locations
Three cities

Neuf Cegetel Statistics and Figures

Neuf Cegetel operates four dater centers across three cities: Paris, Versailles, and Nantes

We have calculated that one of Neuf Cegetel's buildings occupy a total building footprint of 2,508 sq ft. Their largest facility is Neuf Reims with a footprint of 2,508 sq ft. Out of Neuf Cegetel's four facilities, one is carrier-neutral.

Neuf Cegetel's Data Centers

Name City Carrier Neutral Remote Hands Rack Cabinets Single Servers
Neuf Caen Versailles - - - -
Neuf Cesson Nantes Yes Yes Yes No
Neuf Rouen Paris - - - -
Neuf Reims Paris - - - -

Frequently Asked Questions About Neuf Cegetel

How many data centers does Neuf Cegetel operate?

Neuf Cegetel operates four data centers.

Which cities does Neuf Cegetel have data centers in?

There are three cities that Neuf Cegetel runs facilities within, including Paris, Versailles, and Nantes.

How much floor space do Neuf Cegetel's data centers cover?

We have calculated building footprints for one of Neuf Cegetel's four facilities totalling 2,508 sq ft, which is roughly 233 sq meters.

What is Neuf Cegetel's largest data center?

Looking at building footprint size, we have found that Neuf Reims is Neuf Cegetel's biggest facility, covering 2,508 sq ft and roughly 233 sq meters.

Last updated: Nov 15 2017