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Istanbul Data Center Facilities and Providers

Istanbul Data Center Summary

Istanbul has 13 providers running its 15 data centers. Teknotel Telekom's facilities include Telehouse-Istanbul, Equinix's facilities include Equinix IL1 - No longer operated by Equinix, and Telecom Italia Sparkle's facilities include MedNautilus Istanbul.

We have found building footprints for eight facilities in Istanbul, adding up to 248,947 square feet, with the largest building covering 77,554 square feet, and containing the TurkNet Iletisim Hizmetleri facility.

There are four carrier neutral data centers in Istanbul. Out of a total of 15, five data centers offer remote hands support, you can host individual servers with five, and five provide rack cabinet hosting.

Over the last month, we have identified 41 speed tests on business connections in Istanbul, the most recent test happening on May 25 at 6:29pm. The fastest corporate speed we have seen is 276.39mbps, and the average speed during this time is 58.53mbps.

Istanbul Data Center Map

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Istanbul's Carrier Neutral Data Centers

Name Provider Building Area City, Zip
CityNet Telekom CityNet Telekom - Istanbul
MedNautilus Istanbul Telecom Italia Sparkle - Istanbul, 34194
TurkNet Iletisim Hizmetleri TurkNet Iletisim Hizmetleri 77,554 sq ft Istanbul, 34394
Radore Istanbul Radore Veri Merkezi Hizmetleri 32,109 sq ft Istanbul, 34394

Non-Neutral Istanbul Data Centers

Name Provider Building Area City, Zip
Telehouse-Istanbul Teknotel Telekom - Istanbul, 34841

Other Facilities in Istanbul

Name Provider Building Area City, Zip
Verizon Istanbul Verizon Communications - Istanbul, 34196
intibu - istanbul Ciklet Tasarim Iletisim 4,962 sq ft Istanbul, 34394
Equinix IL1 - No longer operated by Equinix Equinix 24,402 sq ft Eyüp / Istanbul, 34050
Equinix IL2 - Istanbul Equinix 35,941 sq ft Istanbul, 34775
NetFactor NetFactor - Istanbul, 34662
IstanbulDC Veri Merkezi BGDS Telekom 32,109 sq ft istanbul, 34000
Netinternet İstanbul Netinternet Bilisim Teknolojileri AS - İstanbul
COMNET Datacenter Istanbul Comnet Bilgi İletişim Teknolojileri 5,931 sq ft Istanbul, 34000
Teknotel-Yenibosna Teknotel Telekom - Istanbul, 34196
EdgeUno Datacenter Istanbul Turkey EdgeUno 35,941 sq ft Istanbul, 34775

Istanbul Data Center Providers

Provider Istanbul Data Centers Building Footprint Total
Teknotel Telekom 2 -
Equinix 2 60,342 sq ft
Telecom Italia Sparkle 1 -
Verizon Communications 1 -
CityNet Telekom 1 -
Ciklet Tasarim Iletisim 1 4,962 sq ft
TurkNet Iletisim Hizmetleri 1 77,554 sq ft
Radore Veri Merkezi Hizmetleri 1 32,109 sq ft
Netinternet Bilisim Teknolojileri AS 1 -
NetFactor 1 -
EdgeUno 1 35,941 sq ft
BGDS Telekom 1 32,109 sq ft
Comnet Bilgi İletişim Teknolojileri 1 5,931 sq ft

Business Internet Speeds in Istanbul

Frequently Asked Questions About Istanbul's Data Centers

How many data centers are in Istanbul?

Istanbul has 15 data centers available to its businesses.

Does Istanbul have any carrier-neutral data centers?

Four of Istanbul's data centers are carrier-neutral.

Who operates data center facilities in Istanbul?

Istanbul's data center providers include Teknotel Telekom, Equinix, Telecom Italia Sparkle, Verizon Communications, and CityNet Telekom.

Last updated: May 25 2024