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greenDatacenter Zurich/Schlieren

Data Center
greenDatacenter Zurich/Schlieren
Green Datacenter
Unterrohrstrasse 4

greenDatacenter Zurich/Schlieren Data Center Details

greenDatacenter Zurich/Schlieren is a carrier-neutral data center in Zurich. It is operated by Green Datacenter and sits in a building footprint of 13,799 sq ft. Services offered at this location include remote hands, rack cabinets, office space, cages, and individual server hosting.

We have been looking at business speeds performed over the last month inside a five-mile area of greenDatacenter Zurich/Schlieren, and the highest speed seen was 4,888.86mbps. Out of a total of 2,970 tests, the average corporate speed was 225.12mbps, and the most recent speed test happened on May 19 at 11:30pm.

Data Centers Near greenDatacenter Zurich/Schlieren

Name Building Area Distance City, Zip
RZZH - 1 mi Zurich, 8020
Equinix ZH5 - Zurich, South 2,626sq ft 1 mi Zurich, 8102
COLT DC Zurich 1,399sq ft 2 mi Zurich, 08048
FSIT Dietikon CH-DIE001 71,009sq ft 2 mi Dietikon, 8953
VTLWaveNet Zürich 59,718sq ft 3 mi Zuerich, 8048 Zurich 59,718sq ft 3 mi Zurich, 8048
Equinix ZH3 - No longer operational 2,013sq ft 3 mi Zurich, 8003
Equinix ZH1 - No longer operational 48,599sq ft 4 mi Zurich, 8005
Equinix ZH2 - Zurich 19,580sq ft 4 mi Zurich, 8005
Equinix ZH4 - Zurich 19,580sq ft 4 mi Zurich, 8005

Average Business Internet Speeds Near greenDatacenter Zurich/Schlieren

Frequently Asked Questions About greenDatacenter Zurich/Schlieren

Who operates the greenDatacenter Zurich/Schlieren data center?

The greenDatacenter Zurich/Schlieren facility is operated by Green Datacenter, who also operate two other data centers.

How can I find greenDatacenter Zurich/Schlieren?

greenDatacenter Zurich/Schlieren is in Zurich, Switzerland, and their full address is: Unterrohrstrasse 4, Schlieren, ZH, 8952, Switzerland.

What services are available at greenDatacenter Zurich/Schlieren?

greenDatacenter Zurich/Schlieren services include: professional remote hands, cabinet racks, space for your office, security cages, and hosting for individual servers.

How big is greenDatacenter Zurich/Schlieren's building footprint?

The building greenDatacenter Zurich/Schlieren sits in has a footprint of 13,799 sq ft, which is about 1,282 square meters.

Last updated: May 19 2024