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Servercentralen DC02

Data Center
Servercentralen DC02
Nordiska Servercentralen AB
Hemvärnsgatan 13

Servercentralen DC02 Data Center Details

Servercentralen DC02 is a carrier-neutral data center in Stockholm. It is operated by Nordiska Servercentralen AB and sits in a building footprint of 63,959 sq ft. Services offered at this location include remote hands, rack cabinets, and individual server hosting.

We have been looking at business speeds performed over the last month inside a five-mile area of Servercentralen DC02, and the highest speed seen was 2,629.52mbps. Out of a total of 2,488 tests, the average corporate speed was 150.83mbps, and the most recent speed test happened on June 23 at 12:53am.

Data Centers Near Servercentralen DC02

Name Building Area Distance City, Zip
Equinix SK1 - Stockholm, Bromma 2,616sq ft 1 mi Stockholm, S-161 02
Telia Stockholm STK2 4,962sq ft 1 mi Solna, 169 51
Bahnhof S:t Erik 85,358sq ft 2 mi Stockholm, 11343
Bahnhof Thule 51,376sq ft 3 mi Stockholm, 11137
STOKAB Stockholm (Zinken) 8,923sq ft 4 mi Stockholm, 11741
Fiber Direkt Warf - 4 mi Stockholm
Stockholm/B - 4 mi Stockholm
Stockholm/C - 4 mi Stockholm
MCI Stockholm (Kista) 23,907sq ft 4 mi Stockholm, 16440
STOKAB Stockholm (Kista) 113,032sq ft 4 mi Stockholm, 16440

Average Business Internet Speeds Near Servercentralen DC02

Frequently Asked Questions About Servercentralen DC02

Who operates the Servercentralen DC02 data center?

The Servercentralen DC02 facility is operated by Nordiska Servercentralen AB.

How can I find Servercentralen DC02?

Servercentralen DC02 is in Stockholm, Sweden, and their full address is: Hemvärnsgatan 13, Solna, 17154, Sweden.

What services are available at Servercentralen DC02?

Servercentralen DC02 services include: professional remote hands, cabinet racks, and hosting for individual servers.

How big is Servercentralen DC02's building footprint?

The building Servercentralen DC02 sits in has a footprint of 63,959 sq ft, which is about 5,942 square meters.

Last updated: Jun 23 2024