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Madrid Data Center Facilities and Providers

Madrid Data Center Summary

Madrid has 16 providers running its 18 data centers. Equinix's facilities include Equinix MD2 - Madrid, Interxion Holding NV's facilities include Interxion Madrid (MAD1, MAD2), and Global Switch's facilities include Global Switch Madrid.

We have found building footprints for 17 facilities in Madrid, adding up to 577,591 square feet, with the largest building covering 118,704 square feet, and containing the Equinix MD2 - Madrid facility.

There are eight carrier neutral data centers in Madrid. Out of a total of 18, nine data centers offer remote hands support, you can host individual servers with five, and ten provide rack cabinet hosting.

Over the last month, we have identified 26,290 speed tests on business connections in Madrid, the most recent test happening on June 14 at 12:49am. The fastest corporate speed we have seen is 3,215.01mbps, and the average speed during this time is 91.12mbps.

Madrid Data Center Map

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Madrid's Carrier Neutral Data Centers

Name Provider Building Area City, Zip
Interxion Madrid (MAD1, MAD2) Interxion Holding NV 25,048 sq ft Madrid, 28037
IPCore Datacenter Madrid IPCore Datacenter SL 8,353 sq ft Madrid, 28022
Ibercom Madrid Ibercom 15,543 sq ft Madrid, 28050
Hispaweb Madrid1 Hispaweb Network 105,529 sq ft Madrid, 28037
COLT DC Madrid Colt Technology Services Group 48,911 sq ft Madrid, 28050
Global Switch Madrid Global Switch 49,837 sq ft Madrid, 28022
Interxion MAD3 Interxion Holding NV 11,044 sq ft Madrid, 28037
Cogent Madrid Cogent Communications - Madrid, 28700

Non-Neutral Madrid Data Centers

Name Provider Building Area City, Zip
Espacio Rack Espacio Rack 21,775 sq ft Pozuelo de Alarcón, 28223
Acens Technologies Acens Technologies 23,110 sq ft Alcobendas, 28108

Other Facilities in Madrid

Name Provider Building Area City, Zip
Espanix Datacenter Asociación ESpanix 2,476 sq ft Madrid, 28033
Equinix MD2 - Madrid Equinix 118,704 sq ft Alcobendas, 28108
Verizon Madrid Verizon Communications 49,837 sq ft Madrid
Equinix MD1 - Madrid Equinix 15,543 sq ft Madrid, 28050
Andrino Telecom MAD1 Andrino Telecom 25,048 sq ft Madrid, 28037
GTT Madrid-Lezama GTT Communications 25,607 sq ft Madrid, 28034
Vozelia Telecom Madrid Vozelia Telecom SL 9,558 sq ft Madrid, 28050
TecnoAlcalá Telefonica de España 21,668 sq ft Alcalá de Henares, 28805

Madrid Data Center Providers

Provider Madrid Data Centers Building Footprint Total
Equinix 2 134,247 sq ft
Interxion Holding NV 2 36,091 sq ft
Global Switch 1 49,837 sq ft
Colt Technology Services Group 1 48,911 sq ft
Asociación ESpanix 1 2,476 sq ft
Cogent Communications 1 -
Ibercom 1 15,543 sq ft
Verizon Communications 1 49,837 sq ft
Hispaweb Network 1 105,529 sq ft
Acens Technologies 1 23,110 sq ft
IPCore Datacenter SL 1 8,353 sq ft
GTT Communications 1 25,607 sq ft
Andrino Telecom 1 25,048 sq ft
Telefonica de España 1 21,668 sq ft
Espacio Rack 1 21,775 sq ft
Vozelia Telecom SL 1 9,558 sq ft

Business Internet Speeds in Madrid

Frequently Asked Questions About Madrid's Data Centers

How many data centers are in Madrid?

Madrid has 18 data centers available to its businesses.

Does Madrid have any carrier-neutral data centers?

Eight of Madrid's data centers are carrier-neutral.

Who operates data center facilities in Madrid?

Madrid's data center providers include Equinix, Interxion Holding NV, Global Switch, Colt Technology Services Group, and Asociación ESpanix.

Last updated: Jun 14 2024