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Nordavind Hagen

Data Center
Nordavind Hagen
Nordavind DC Sites

Nordavind Hagen Data Center Details

Nordavind Hagen is a data center in Oslo. It is operated by Nordavind DC Sites and sits in a building footprint of 22,776 sq ft. We do not yet have the details of what services are available at Nordavind Hagen. If you need to know if Nordavind Hagen is carrier-neutral, or if you need services such as remote hands or rack-mounted cages, we recommend you contact the data center's staff directly.

Data Centers Near Nordavind Hagen

Name Building Area Distance City, Zip
Nordavind Grundsetmoen - 1 mi Elverum, 2406
Nordavind Heggvin - 16 mi Hamar, 2324
Innit Hamar 78,049sq ft 18 mi Hamar, 2318
Nordavind Rudshøgda Sør - 25 mi Rudshøgda, 2360
Nordavind Krabyskogen - 28 mi Lena, 2850
EVRY AS Gjøvik 11,281sq ft 30 mi Gjøvk, 2821

Average Business Internet Speeds Near Nordavind Hagen

Frequently Asked Questions About Nordavind Hagen

Who operates the Nordavind Hagen data center?

The Nordavind Hagen facility is operated by Nordavind DC Sites, who also operate eleven other data centers.

How can I find Nordavind Hagen?

Nordavind Hagen is in Oslo, Norway, and their full address is: Hagen, Elverum, 2406, Norway.

What services are available at Nordavind Hagen?

We are still looking into services provided by Nordavind Hagen and will shortly describe their rack sizes, remote hands support, and other services they offer.

How big is Nordavind Hagen's building footprint?

The building Nordavind Hagen sits in has a footprint of 22,776 sq ft, which is about 2,116 square meters.

Last updated: Mar 22 2019