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Utrecht Data Center Facilities and Providers

Utrecht Data Center Summary

Utrecht has 14 providers running its 17 data centers. Bit BV's facilities include BIT Datacenter Ede I, Dataplace's facilities include Dataplace Utrecht, and NovoServe's facilities include NovoServe Datacenter Doetinchem.

We have found building footprints for 14 facilities in Utrecht, adding up to 300,184 square feet, with the largest building covering 156,927 square feet, and containing the Infostrada/NEP Datacenter facility.

There are eight carrier neutral data centers in Utrecht. Out of a total of 17, seven data centers offer remote hands support, you can host individual servers with five, and eight provide rack cabinet hosting.

Over the last month, we have identified 59 speed tests on business connections in Utrecht, the most recent test happening on May 20 at 6:45pm. The fastest corporate speed we have seen is 605.76mbps, and the average speed during this time is 36.1mbps.

Utrecht Data Center Map

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Utrecht's Carrier Neutral Data Centers

Name Provider Building Area City, Zip
BIT Datacenter Ede I Bit BV 10,376 sq ft Ede, 6716 BV
NovoServe Datacenter Doetinchem NovoServe 5,533 sq ft Doetinchem, 7005 BM
BIT Datacenter Ede II Bit BV 15,694 sq ft Ede, 6716 BP
Previder PDC2 Previder 1,991 sq ft Hengelo, 7554TC
Datahouse Amersfoort Datahouse Group - Amersfoort, 3824 ML
NovoServe Datacenter Enschede NovoServe 14,790 sq ft Enschede, 7547 TD
Switch Datacenters AMS2 Switch Datacenter Group 786 sq ft Woerden, 3447GN
Dataplace Arnhem Dataplace 8,859 sq ft Arnhem, 6824 BV

Other Facilities in Utrecht

Name Provider Building Area City, Zip
Mediagateway Ericsson Broadcast Services Netherlands 15,780 sq ft Hilversum, 1217 ZC
Equinix ZW1 - Zwolle Equinix 44,519 sq ft Zwolle, 8013RL
WickedWay Utrecht WickedWay - Utrecht, 3515 ER
Alticom - IJsselstein Alticom Facility Management 936 sq ft IJsselstein, 3401 RS
Infostrada/NEP Datacenter NEP Connect BV 156,927 sq ft Hilversum, 1217 WH
Datacenter Arnhem KLW Datacenter Arnhem - Arnhem, 6827 AV
Tuxis Tuxis 14,219 sq ft Ede, 6716AA
Dataplace Utrecht Dataplace 624 sq ft Groenekan, 3737 BE
Serverius DC3 Serverius Holding 9,149 sq ft Apeldoorn, 7324BW

Utrecht Data Center Providers

Provider Utrecht Data Centers Building Footprint Total
Bit BV 2 26,070 sq ft
Dataplace 2 9,483 sq ft
NovoServe 2 20,322 sq ft
NEP Connect BV 1 156,927 sq ft
Equinix 1 44,519 sq ft
Alticom Facility Management 1 936 sq ft
Ericsson Broadcast Services Netherlands 1 15,780 sq ft
Datacenter Arnhem 1 -
Serverius Holding 1 9,149 sq ft
Previder 1 1,991 sq ft
WickedWay 1 -
Tuxis 1 14,219 sq ft
Datahouse Group 1 -
Switch Datacenter Group 1 786 sq ft

Business Internet Speeds in Utrecht

Frequently Asked Questions About Utrecht's Data Centers

How many data centers are in Utrecht?

Utrecht has 17 data centers available to its businesses.

Does Utrecht have any carrier-neutral data centers?

Eight of Utrecht's data centers are carrier-neutral.

Who operates data center facilities in Utrecht?

Utrecht's data center providers include Bit BV, Dataplace, NovoServe, NEP Connect BV, and Equinix.

Last updated: May 20 2024