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Amsterdam Data Center Facilities and Providers

Amsterdam Data Center Summary

Amsterdam has 36 providers running its 52 data centers. Equinix's facilities include Equinix AM7 - Amsterdam, Kuiperberweg, Interxion Holding NV's facilities include Interxion Amsterdam Schiphol Rijk (AMS3, AMS5, AMS7, AMS8, AMS10), and NLDC's facilities include KPN CyberCenterAmsterdam (Oude Meer).

We have found building footprints for 48 facilities in Amsterdam, adding up to 1,146,452 square feet, with the largest building covering 115,217 square feet, and containing the EdgeConneX Amsterdam (EDCAMS01) facility.

There are 20 carrier neutral data centers in Amsterdam. Out of a total of 52, 19 data centers offer remote hands support, you can host individual servers with eleven, and 19 provide rack cabinet hosting.

Over the last month, we have identified 23,105 speed tests on business connections in Amsterdam, the most recent test happening on June 12 at 12:52am. The fastest corporate speed we have seen is 3,733.59mbps, and the average speed during this time is 88.5mbps.

Amsterdam Data Center Map

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Amsterdam's Carrier Neutral Data Centers

Name Provider Building Area City, Zip
NIKHEF Amsterdam Nikhef 614 sq ft Amsterdam, 1098 XG
Digital Realty AMS (Science Park) Digital Realty 614 sq ft Amsterdam, 1098 XG
Equinix AM7 - Amsterdam, Kuiperberweg Equinix 21,237 sq ft Amsterdam, 1101 AE
Global Switch Amsterdam Global Switch 312 sq ft Amsterdam, 1066 VH
Interxion Amsterdam Schiphol Rijk (AMS3, AMS5, AMS7, AMS8, AMS10) Interxion Holding NV 85,110 sq ft Amsterdam, 1119 NJ
Equinix AM8 - Amsterdam, Gyroscoopweg Equinix 9,849 sq ft Amsterdam, 1042 AB
Schuberg Philis Amsterdam (Schiphol Rijk) Schuberg Philis 1,023 sq ft Amsterdam, 1119 PD
Level(3) Amsterdam Level 3 Communications 18,772 sq ft Amsterdam, 1105AJ
Global Crossing Joop Level 3 Communications - Amsterdam
euNetworks Amsterdam euNetworks Group 9,117 sq ft Amsterdam, 1096 BK
Databarn Amsterdam Databarn 16,372 sq ft Amsterdam, 1014 BV
Digital Realty AMS (Wenckebachweg) Digital Realty 43,594 sq ft Amsterdam, 1096 AM
Solcon Datacenter Dronten Solcon Internetdiensten 5,576 sq ft Dronten, 8253PD
GyroCenter DC2 GYRO Center Amsterdam 43,884 sq ft Amsterdam, 1042AZ
Cap Gemini - DC Amsterdam Capgemini Service SAS 31,732 sq ft Amsterdam, 1013 BE
IPTP, Matrix 4, Amsterdam, The Netherlands IPTP Networks 9,214 sq ft Amsterdam, 1098 XH
Equinix AM3 - Amsterdam, Science Park Equinix - Amsterdam, 1098 XH AMS1 Netherlands 35,930 sq ft Amsterdam, 1101 GB
maincubes AMS01 Maincubes 13,380 sq ft Schiphol-Rijk, 1119NR
NTT Amsterdam 1 Data Center (AMS 1) NTT Global Data Centers EMEA 3,778 sq ft Rozenburg, 1437ED

Other Facilities in Amsterdam

Name Provider Building Area City, Zip
Interxion Amsterdam Science Park AMS9 (formerly Vancis / SARA) Interxion Holding NV 614 sq ft Amsterdam, 1098 XG
Interxion Amsterdam, Gyroscoopweg (AMS1, AMS4) Interxion Holding NV 43,884 sq ft Amsterdam, 1042 AC
KPN CyberCenterAmsterdam (Oude Meer) NLDC 1,345 sq ft Oude Meer, 1438 AN
Enertel Amsterdam (Aalsmeer) NLDC 20,215 sq ft Aalsmeer, 1431 GE
Equinix AM1/AM2 - Amsterdam, Luttenbergweg Equinix 51,839 sq ft Amsterdam, 1101 EC
Interxion Almere ALM1 Interxion Holding NV 1,109 sq ft Almere, 1316 BM
WideXS - G54 GTT (former KPN International / KPN Eurorings) 43,884 sq ft Amsterdam, 1042 AC
Serverius DC1 Serverius Holding 16,587 sq ft Dronten, 8253 PJ
UNET Almere UNet 15,252 sq ft Almere, 1322 CJ
KPN DC2 KPN Wholesale 45,413 sq ft Amsterdam
NorthC Amsterdam NorthC Datacenters 42,431 sq ft Amsterdam, 1014BB
Equinix AM11 - Amsterdam, Lemelerbergweg Equinix 21,237 sq ft Amsterdam, 1101 AH
Equinix AM5 - Amsterdam, Schepenbergweg Equinix 4,273 sq ft Amsterdam, 1105 AT
EdgeConneX Amsterdam (EDCAMS01) EdgeConneX 115,217 sq ft Amsterdam, 1119
Equinix AM6 - Amsterdam, Duivendrechtsekade Equinix 6,372 sq ft Amsterdam, 1096 AH
XS4All DC2 XS4ALL Internet 45,413 sq ft Amsterdam, 1083HN
XS4ALL Oude Meer XS4ALL Internet 5,791 sq ft Schiphol Rijk, 1438 AN
Dataone AMS1 Dataone BV 850 sq ft Wormer, 1531AX
GTT Amsterdam GTT Communications 40,085 sq ft Schipol-Rijk, 1119 NH
COLT DC Amsterdam I Colt Technology Services Group 807 sq ft Amsterdam, 1090
Unithost AM3 Unithost Internet - Amsterdam, 1098 XH
NLDC B.V. Amsterdam 3 NLDC 3,606 sq ft Almere, 1329 BG
Keppel Data Centre Almere 2 Keppel Data Centres Holding 3,606 sq ft Almere, 1329 BG
Keppel Data Centre Almere 1 Keppel Data Centres Holding 3,606 sq ft Almere, 1329 BG
CITIC Telecom CPC Netherlands CITIC Telecom CPC Netherlands 7,815 sq ft Amsterdam, 1101
Equinix AM4 - Amsterdam, Science Park Equinix - Amsterdam, 1098 XH
zColo Amsterdam Zayo Group 57,598 sq ft Amsterdam, 1062 HE
HostSlim Lelystad HostSlim BV 624 sq ft Lelystad, 8244 PA
Evoque_Amsterdam-AMS1 Evoque Data Center Solutions 19,870 sq ft Amsterdam, 1066 VH
High5! Amsterdam High5! 45,413 sq ft Amsterdam, 1083 HN
Cyxtera Amsterdam (AMS1) Cyxtera Technologies 110,352 sq ft Haarlemmerliede, 2065 AE
3W-DC01 Serverhosh Internet Service 21,237 sq ft Amsterdam, 1101

Amsterdam Data Center Providers

Provider Amsterdam Data Centers Building Footprint Total
Equinix 8 114,808 sq ft
Interxion Holding NV 4 130,717 sq ft
NLDC 3 25,166 sq ft
XS4ALL Internet 2 51,204 sq ft
Keppel Data Centres Holding 2 7,212 sq ft
Digital Realty 2 44,207 sq ft
Level 3 Communications 2 18,772 sq ft
Databarn 1 16,372 sq ft
Solcon Internetdiensten 1 5,576 sq ft
GYRO Center Amsterdam 1 43,884 sq ft
IPTP Networks 1 9,214 sq ft
CITIC Telecom CPC Netherlands 1 7,815 sq ft
Capgemini Service SAS 1 31,732 sq ft
UNet 1 15,252 sq ft
KPN Wholesale 1 45,413 sq ft
NorthC Datacenters 1 42,431 sq ft
Zayo Group 1 57,598 sq ft
euNetworks Group 1 9,117 sq ft
EdgeConneX 1 115,217 sq ft
GTT Communications 1 40,085 sq ft
Serverius Holding 1 16,587 sq ft
Unithost Internet 1 -
Dataone BV 1 850 sq ft
Cyxtera Technologies 1 110,352 sq ft
Global Switch 1 312 sq ft
Colt Technology Services Group 1 807 sq ft
Schuberg Philis 1 1,023 sq ft
GTT (former KPN International / KPN Eurorings) 1 43,884 sq ft
NTT Global Data Centers EMEA 1 3,778 sq ft
Nikhef 1 614 sq ft Netherlands 1 35,930 sq ft
Serverhosh Internet Service 1 21,237 sq ft
Maincubes 1 13,380 sq ft
HostSlim BV 1 624 sq ft
Evoque Data Center Solutions 1 19,870 sq ft
High5! 1 45,413 sq ft

Business Internet Speeds in Amsterdam

Frequently Asked Questions About Amsterdam's Data Centers

How many data centers are in Amsterdam?

Amsterdam has 52 data centers available to its businesses.

Does Amsterdam have any carrier-neutral data centers?

20 of Amsterdam's data centers are carrier-neutral.

Who operates data center facilities in Amsterdam?

Amsterdam's data center providers include Equinix, Interxion Holding NV, NLDC, XS4ALL Internet, and Keppel Data Centres Holding.

Last updated: Jun 12 2024