Maine Data Centers

Summary of Maine's Data Centers

Maine has three data centers, run by three organizations. Consolidated Communications has the largest presence with one facility, and other organizations include NNENIX and University of Maine System. Cities in Maine with data center facilities include Portland and Bangor.

None of Maine's facilities are carrier neutral, none offer hosting of individual servers, none have rack cabinets, and none offer remote hands services.

Looking at corporate internet speeds, we have identified 510 speed tests over the last month. The most recent test happened on November 21 at 10:38pm, and we have seen speeds as high as 857.36mbps. The average business internet speed we have seen in Maine is 70.95mbps

Map of Maine's Data Centers

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Cities in Maine with Data Center Facilities

City Data Centers Organizations
Bangor 1 1
Portland 2 2

Maine Speed Test Results

Data Center Providers in Maine

Provider Organization Data Centers in Maine
Consolidated Communications 1
University of Maine System 1

Last updated: Nov 21 2020