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Milan Data Center Facilities and Providers

Milan Data Center Summary

Milan has 23 providers running its 32 data centers. Irideos's facilities include IRIDEOS Avalon Campus 2, Equinix's facilities include Equinix ML2 - Milan, Savona, and Intred SpA's facilities include Intred-DC-Creta.

We have found building footprints for 23 facilities in Milan, adding up to 589,829 square feet, with the largest building covering 137,724 square feet, and containing the SUPERNAP Italia facility.

There are eleven carrier neutral data centers in Milan. Out of a total of 32, eleven data centers offer remote hands support, you can host individual servers with ten, and eleven provide rack cabinet hosting.

Over the last month, we have identified 23,325 speed tests on business connections in Milan, the most recent test happening on May 23 at 12:17am. The fastest corporate speed we have seen is 2,914.36mbps, and the average speed during this time is 95.65mbps.

Milan Data Center Map

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Milan's Carrier Neutral Data Centers

Name Provider Building Area City, Zip
COLT DC Milan Colt Technology Services Group 11,485 sq ft Milan, 20159
Telnet Caldera Milan Telnet 9,838 sq ft Milan, 20153
MIX MIX 9,838 sq ft Milano, 20153
Equinix ML2 - Milan, Savona Equinix 23,616 sq ft Milano, 20144
IRIDEOS Avalon Campus Irideos - Milan, 20153
SUPERNAP Italia SUPERNAP Italia 137,724 sq ft Siziano, 27010
DATA4 Milan-Cornaredo Data4 Luxembourg 9,429 sq ft Cornaredo (MI), 20010
Naquadria Datacenter Piacenza Naquadria 33,971 sq ft Piacenza, 29122
Caldera21 CDLAN - Milan, 20153
Seeweb Milano Caldera Seeweb 9,838 sq ft Milan, 20153
NS3 Padova NS3 19,278 sq ft Padova, 35127

Other Facilities in Milan

Name Provider Building Area City, Zip
IRIDEOS Avalon Campus 2 Irideos 9,838 sq ft Milan, 20153
IRIDEOS Avalon Campus 3 Irideos - Milano, 20153
Visiant Outsourcing IDC in Milano Visiant Outsourcing - Sesto S.Giovanni, 20099
GTT Milan GTT Communications - Milan
ULI Webfarm Utility Line Italia 49,729 sq ft Milan
Equinix ML3 - Milan, Basiglio Equinix 30,774 sq ft Milano, 20080
VSIX Universit√° degli Studi di Padova 71,096 sq ft Padova, 35127
Equinix ML4 - Milan, Cascia Equinix 9,397 sq ft Milan, 20128
Interplanet Srl Main DC Interplanet 73,162 sq ft Montecchio Maggiore, 36075
Intred-DC-Creta Intred SpA 7,126 sq ft Brescia, 25124
Intred-DC-Tamburini Intred SpA 3,035 sq ft Brescia, 25136
Trivenet Padova Trivenet - Padova, 35129
NS3 srl NS3 36,081 sq ft Mestre, 30174
Telecom Italia Sparkle Milano Data Center Telecom Italia Sparkle - Milano, 20060
Net Global Srl Datacenter Net Global 19,278 sq ft Padova, 35127
ASCO TLC Data Center Asco TLC - Santa Lucia di Piave (TV), 31025
MOMIT Milan Momit - Milan, 20134
IRIDEOS Verona Irideos 2,390 sq ft Verona, 37135
IRIDEOS Trento Irideos 8,385 sq ft Trento, 38122
InAsset Udine InAsset 2,239 sq ft Pasian di Prato, 33037
InAsset Pordenone InAsset 2,282 sq ft Pordenone, 33170

Milan Data Center Providers

Provider Milan Data Centers Building Footprint Total
Irideos 5 20,613 sq ft
Equinix 3 63,787 sq ft
Intred SpA 2 10,161 sq ft
NS3 2 55,359 sq ft
InAsset 2 4,521 sq ft
Asco TLC 1 -
Momit 1 -
Net Global 1 19,278 sq ft
SUPERNAP Italia 1 137,724 sq ft
Data4 Luxembourg 1 9,429 sq ft
Naquadria 1 33,971 sq ft
Trivenet 1 -
MIX 1 9,838 sq ft
Interplanet 1 73,162 sq ft
GTT Communications 1 -
Telecom Italia Sparkle 1 -
Colt Technology Services Group 1 11,485 sq ft
Telnet 1 9,838 sq ft
Universit√° degli Studi di Padova 1 71,096 sq ft
Visiant Outsourcing 1 -
Seeweb 1 9,838 sq ft
Utility Line Italia 1 49,729 sq ft

Business Internet Speeds in Milan

Frequently Asked Questions About Milan's Data Centers

How many data centers are in Milan?

Milan has 32 data centers available to its businesses.

Does Milan have any carrier-neutral data centers?

Eleven of Milan's data centers are carrier-neutral.

Who operates data center facilities in Milan?

Milan's data center providers include Irideos, Equinix, Intred SpA, NS3, and InAsset.

Last updated: May 23 2024