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Biznet Jakarta

Data Center
Biznet Jakarta
Biznet Networks
MidPlaza 2 8th Floor. Jl. Jend. Sudirman 10-11

Biznet Jakarta Data Center Details

Biznet Jakarta is a carrier-neutral data center in Jakarta. It is operated by Biznet Networks and sits in a building footprint of 18,417 sq ft. Services offered at this location include remote hands, rack cabinets, cages, and individual server hosting.

We have been looking at business speeds performed over the last month inside a five-mile area of Biznet Jakarta, and the highest speed seen was 2,733.58mbps. Out of a total of 4,530 tests, the average corporate speed was 81.03mbps, and the most recent speed test happened on May 20 at 12:24am.

Data Centers Near Biznet Jakarta

Name Building Area Distance City, Zip
NTT Com Jakarta (JKT1) 34,671sq ft 0 mi Jakarta, 10220
NTT Indonesia Jakarta 2 34,671sq ft 0 mi Jakarta, 10204
Matrix Data Center JKT1 (MDC-JKT1) 21,603sq ft 1 mi Jakarta Selatan, 12950
NEX Datacenter 24,251sq ft 1 mi Jakarta Selatan, 12950
PSN Networks 8,364sq ft 2 mi Jakarta, 12950
Cybertechtonic Pratama 10,936sq ft 2 mi Jakarta Selatan, 12710
Jasatel - 2 mi Jakarta, 12710
Berkah Solusi Teknologi Informasi 27,857sq ft 2 mi Jakarta, 10270
NTT Com Jakarta (JKT2) 22,324sq ft 2 mi Jakarta, 12710
DTP C2 Data Center 21,958sq ft 2 mi Jakarta, 12710

Average Business Internet Speeds Near Biznet Jakarta

Frequently Asked Questions About Biznet Jakarta

Who operates the Biznet Jakarta data center?

The Biznet Jakarta facility is operated by Biznet Networks.

How can I find Biznet Jakarta?

Biznet Jakarta is in Jakarta, Indonesia, and their full address is: MidPlaza 2 8th Floor. Jl. Jend. Sudirman 10-11, Jakarta, 10220, Indonesia.

What services are available at Biznet Jakarta?

Biznet Jakarta services include: professional remote hands, cabinet racks, security cages, and hosting for individual servers.

How big is Biznet Jakarta's building footprint?

The building Biznet Jakarta sits in has a footprint of 18,417 sq ft, which is about 1,711 square meters.

Last updated: May 20 2024