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Munich Data Center Facilities and Providers

Munich Data Center Summary

Munich has 18 providers running its 26 data centers. noris network's facilities include noris network NBG3 / NBG4, Core-Backbone's facilities include Core-Backbone NBG1, and QSC AG Colocation's facilities include QSC AG Colocation Nuremberg.

We have found building footprints for 22 facilities in Munich, adding up to 651,259 square feet, with the largest building covering 183,019 square feet, and containing the EMC HostCo GmbH facility.

There are 13 carrier neutral data centers in Munich. Out of a total of 26, 13 data centers offer remote hands support, you can host individual servers with eleven, and 14 provide rack cabinet hosting.

Over the last month, we have identified 32,258 speed tests on business connections in Munich, the most recent test happening on May 25 at 12:57am. The fastest corporate speed we have seen is 1,949.2mbps, and the average speed during this time is 79.53mbps.

Munich Data Center Map

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Munich's Carrier Neutral Data Centers

Name Provider Building Area City, Zip
QSC AG Colocation Nuremberg QSC AG Colocation 22,970 sq ft Nuremberg, 90475
Level(3) Munich Level 3 Communications 14,402 sq ft Munich, 81829
noris network NBG3 / NBG4 noris network 2,400 sq ft Nürnberg, 90429
Core-Backbone NBG1 Core-Backbone 2,400 sq ft Nuremberg, 90429
Equinix MU1/MU3 - Munich Equinix 113,398 sq ft Munich, 80335
euNetworks Colocation Muenchen 1 euNetworks Group 7,470 sq ft Muenchen, 80634
euNetworks Colocation Nuernberg euNetworks Group - Nuernberg, 90429
NTT Munich 1 Data Center (MUC1) NTT Global Data Centers EMEA 28,944 sq ft Munich, 85551
noris network NBG6 noris network 8,041 sq ft Nürnberg, 90471
EMC HostCo GmbH EMC HostCo 183,019 sq ft Munich, 80939
Hetzner Online NBG1 (Nuremberg) Hetzner Online - Nuremberg, 90431
NTT Munich 2 Data Center (MUC2) NTT Global Data Centers EMEA 67,705 sq ft Unterschleißheim, 85716
KPN Datacenter (Mchn-S1) KPN EuroRings 113,398 sq ft Munich, 80335

Non-Neutral Munich Data Centers

Name Provider Building Area City, Zip
QSC AG Colocation Munich QSC AG Colocation 17,179 sq ft Munich, 81541

Other Facilities in Munich

Name Provider Building Area City, Zip
EdgeConneX Munich (EDCMUC01) EdgeConneX 1,561 sq ft Munich, 80687
Deutschherrnkarree Treureal Property Management 2,400 sq ft Nuremberg, 90429
R-Kom Rechenzentrum Regensburg R-KOM - Regensburg, 93055
Core-Backbone NBG2 Core-Backbone 2,400 sq ft Nuremberg, 90429
Core-Backbone NBG3 Core-Backbone 2,400 sq ft Nuremberg, 90429
SpaceNet (LA) SpaceNet 1,561 sq ft Munich, 80687
Mivitec Muc-North (6) Mivitec MUC-North (6) 19,440 sq ft Munich, 80807
Global Crossing Munich Level 3 Communications 19,795 sq ft Munich, 80335
ADESTIS Nürnberg NBG1 (Alte Dampfbäckerei) Adestis 2,637 sq ft Nuernberg, 90409
CCNST RZ Teisnach CCNST Deutschland 16,867 sq ft Teisnach, 94244
noris network MUC5 noris network - Aschheim, 85609
Talia Raisting Talia 872 sq ft Raisting, 82399

Munich Data Center Providers

Provider Munich Data Centers Building Footprint Total
noris network 3 10,441 sq ft
Core-Backbone 3 7,201 sq ft
QSC AG Colocation 2 40,149 sq ft
NTT Global Data Centers EMEA 2 96,649 sq ft
Level 3 Communications 2 34,197 sq ft
euNetworks Group 2 7,470 sq ft
EdgeConneX 1 1,561 sq ft
Mivitec MUC-North (6) 1 19,440 sq ft
EMC HostCo 1 183,019 sq ft
Hetzner Online 1 -
Adestis 1 2,637 sq ft
CCNST Deutschland 1 16,867 sq ft
Talia 1 872 sq ft
Treureal Property Management 1 2,400 sq ft
SpaceNet 1 1,561 sq ft
KPN EuroRings 1 113,398 sq ft
R-KOM 1 -
Equinix 1 113,398 sq ft

Business Internet Speeds in Munich

Frequently Asked Questions About Munich's Data Centers

How many data centers are in Munich?

Munich has 26 data centers available to its businesses.

Does Munich have any carrier-neutral data centers?

13 of Munich's data centers are carrier-neutral.

Who operates data center facilities in Munich?

Munich's data center providers include noris network, Core-Backbone, QSC AG Colocation, NTT Global Data Centers EMEA, and Level 3 Communications.

Last updated: May 25 2024