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Equinix HH1 - Hamburg

Data Center
Equinix HH1 - Hamburg
Vierenkamp 1

Equinix HH1 - Hamburg Data Center Details

Equinix HH1 - Hamburg is a data center in Hamburg. It is operated by Equinix and sits in a building footprint of 62,054 sq ft. We do not yet have the details of what services are available at Equinix HH1 - Hamburg. If you need to know if Equinix HH1 - Hamburg is carrier-neutral, or if you need services such as remote hands or rack-mounted cages, we recommend you contact the data center's staff directly.

We have been looking at business speeds performed over the last month inside a five-mile area of Equinix HH1 - Hamburg, and the highest speed seen was 953.33mbps. Out of a total of 7,907 tests, the average corporate speed was 85.51mbps, and the most recent speed test happened on July 22 at 12:43am.

Data Centers Near Equinix HH1 - Hamburg

Name Building Area Distance City, Zip
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Akquinet HAM02 32,722sq ft 3 mi Hamburg, 22337
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n@work Wendenstraße 52,280sq ft 7 mi Hamburg, 20537

Average Business Internet Speeds Near Equinix HH1 - Hamburg

Frequently Asked Questions About Equinix HH1 - Hamburg

Who operates the Equinix HH1 - Hamburg data center?

The Equinix HH1 - Hamburg facility is operated by Equinix, who also operate 165 other data centers.

How can I find Equinix HH1 - Hamburg?

Equinix HH1 - Hamburg is in Hamburg, Germany, and their full address is: Vierenkamp 1, Hamburg, 22453, Germany.

What services are available at Equinix HH1 - Hamburg?

We are still looking into services provided by Equinix HH1 - Hamburg and will shortly describe their rack sizes, remote hands support, and other services they offer.

How big is Equinix HH1 - Hamburg's building footprint?

The building Equinix HH1 - Hamburg sits in has a footprint of 62,054 sq ft, which is about 5,765 square meters.

Last updated: Jul 22 2024