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itself TH Ivančice

Data Center
itself TH Ivančice
Tovární 23/2
664 91
Czech Republic

itself TH Ivančice Data Center Details

itself TH Ivančice is a carrier-neutral data center in Brno. It is operated by itself and sits in a building footprint of 3,434 sq ft. Services offered at this location include rack cabinets, cages, and individual server hosting.

Data Centers Near itself TH Ivančice

Name Building Area Distance City, Zip
DC Kounicova 6,415sq ft 14 mi Brno, 60200
DC Antoninska 5,651sq ft 14 mi Brno, 60190
Master DC Brno 19,332sq ft 14 mi Brno, 60200
itself TH Brno 4,833sq ft 16 mi Brno, 62900

Average Business Internet Speeds Near itself TH Ivančice

Frequently Asked Questions About itself TH Ivančice

Who operates the itself TH Ivančice data center?

The itself TH Ivančice facility is operated by itself, who operate one other data center.

How can I find itself TH Ivančice?

itself TH Ivančice is in Brno, Czech Republic, and their full address is: Tovární 23/2, Ivančice, 664 91, Czech Republic.

What services are available at itself TH Ivančice?

itself TH Ivančice services include: cabinet racks, security cages, and hosting for individual servers.

How big is itself TH Ivančice's building footprint?

The building itself TH Ivančice sits in has a footprint of 3,434 sq ft, which is about 319 square meters.

Last updated: Feb 21 2019