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Santiago Data Center Facilities and Providers

Santiago Data Center Summary

Santiago has 19 providers running its 24 data centers. SCL-IX's facilities include SCL-IX MMR, Entel Chile's facilities include entel - Ciudad de los Valles, and Adexus's facilities include Adexus Santiago.

We have found building footprints for 19 facilities in Santiago, adding up to 250,702 square feet, with the largest building covering 90,341 square feet, and containing the Ascenty - Chile 1 facility.

There are no carrier neutral facilities in Santiago. Out of a total of 24, no data centers offer remote hands support, you can host individual servers with none, and none provide rack cabinet hosting.

Over the last month, we have identified 737 speed tests on business connections in Santiago, the most recent test happening on June 12 at 12:25am. The fastest corporate speed we have seen is 603.17mbps, and the average speed during this time is 56.07mbps.

Santiago Data Center Map

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Other Facilities in Santiago

Name Provider Building Area City, Zip
Level(3) Santiago de Chile Level 3 Communications - Santiago, 8600360
Internexa Santiago de Chile InterNexa Chile 4,252 sq ft Santiago de Chile, 56
Bynarya Bynarya SpA 11,786 sq ft Santiago, 0000
Servicios Informaticos Hostname Limitada Servicios Informáticos Hostname Limitada - Santiago, 7770266
SCL-IX MMR SCL-IX 1,668 sq ft Santiago, 8420481
SCL-IX MMR Extension 1 SCL-IX 1,894 sq ft Santiago, 8420304
SCL-IX MMR Extension 2 SCL-IX 3,003 sq ft Santiago, 8420445
CMET CMET SACI 1,055 sq ft Santiago, 8241692
Intesis Chile Intesis Chile 20,785 sq ft Santiago, 7510354
Netglobalis MCL Internet 15,543 sq ft Santiago, 0
entel - Ciudad de los Valles Entel Chile - Pudahuel, 9020000
entel - CNT (torre entel) Entel Chile 12,292 sq ft Santiago, 8340518
IFX Santiago PIT Chile 11,786 sq ft Santiago, 0000
entel - Data Center Amunategui Entel Chile 17,556 sq ft Santiago, 8340516
Mediaflog Comunicaciones Y Servicios MediaFlog 11,926 sq ft Santiago, 0000000
Grupo GTD SCL GTD Internet 8,224 sq ft Santiago, 8320330
Adexus Santiago Adexus 11,259 sq ft Santiago, 8320149
Adexus Santiago - CLink Extension Adexus - Santiago, 8600360
TNS Chile-TechNetSecurity TNS Chile-TechNetSecurity 5,414 sq ft Santiago, 8580659
EdgeUno Datacenter Santiago Chile EdgeUno - Huechuraba, 8301487
Ascenty - Chile 1 Ascenty DataCenters e Telecom 90,341 sq ft Santiago, 8710067
DC Porvenir Ingeniería e Informática Asociada Ltda (IIA Ltda) 2,131 sq ft Santiago, 8330700
XConnect Las Condes Data Center XConnect SPA 11,786 sq ft Las Condes, 7560801
PowerHost Santiago PowerHost Chile 7,998 sq ft Santiago, 7770347

Santiago Data Center Providers

Provider Santiago Data Centers Building Footprint Total
SCL-IX 3 6,566 sq ft
Entel Chile 3 29,848 sq ft
Adexus 2 11,259 sq ft
TNS Chile-TechNetSecurity 1 5,414 sq ft
Ingeniería e Informática Asociada Ltda (IIA Ltda) 1 2,131 sq ft
XConnect SPA 1 11,786 sq ft
CMET SACI 1 1,055 sq ft
Intesis Chile 1 20,785 sq ft
MCL Internet 1 15,543 sq ft
Level 3 Communications 1 -
GTD Internet 1 8,224 sq ft
Ascenty DataCenters e Telecom 1 90,341 sq ft
Servicios Informáticos Hostname Limitada 1 -
Bynarya SpA 1 11,786 sq ft
PIT Chile 1 11,786 sq ft
InterNexa Chile 1 4,252 sq ft
PowerHost Chile 1 7,998 sq ft
Comunicaciones Y Servicios MediaFlog 1 11,926 sq ft
EdgeUno 1 -

Business Internet Speeds in Santiago

Frequently Asked Questions About Santiago's Data Centers

How many data centers are in Santiago?

Santiago has 24 data centers available to its businesses.

Does Santiago have any carrier-neutral data centers?

None of Santiago's data centers are carrier-neutral.

Who operates data center facilities in Santiago?

Santiago's data center providers include SCL-IX, Entel Chile, Adexus, TNS Chile-TechNetSecurity, and Ingeniería e Informática Asociada Ltda (IIA Ltda).

Last updated: Jun 12 2024