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Argentina Data Centers

Summary of Argentina's Data Centers

Argentina has 22 data centers, run by 19 organizations. InterBS has the largest presence with four facilities, and other organizations include Cámara Argentina de Internet (CABASE), CPS, and Datalink. Cities in Argentina with data center facilities include Buenos Aires, Rosario, and Mendoza.

Three of Argentina's facilities are carrier neutral, five offer hosting of individual servers, none have rack cabinets, and five offer remote hands services.

Map of Argentina's Data Centers

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Cities in Argentina with Data Center Facilities

City Data Centers Organizations
Buenos Aires 15 12
Mar del Plata 1 1
Mendoza 2 2
Rosario 4 4

Data Center Providers in Argentina

Provider Organization Data Centers in Argentina
InterBS 4
Cámara Argentina de Internet (CABASE) 1
Datalink 1
Telefonica de Argentina 1
G2KHosting 1
ARLink 1
Dummy Organisation to hold Suggested Entities 1
Busajm Mariana (Rack Digital) 1
WICorp 1
EdgeUno 1
Level 3 Communications 1
Telxius Cable 1
Telecom Argentina 1
EdgeConneX 1
IPLan (NSS) 1
Servicios y Telecomunicaciones 1
Cooperativa Telefonica de Villa Gobernador Galvez 1
Anura 1

Last updated: Sep 08 2020