Zero Carbon Footprint Data Center from Verne Global and Colt Industries

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Location is important for the data center as well. Critical factors like energy efficiency and reliability and zero carbon footprint can be fostered even more by choosing a location that delivers power availability and ambient temperatures. Keeping in mind these requirements, Iceland is coming up in a big way indeed. The country offers ample amount of space, scope for economic development and more than adequate geothermal and hydroelectric power as well. Verne Global has established a data center in Iceland in partnership with Colt Industries. This data center guarantees a 1.2 and lower PUE and also has a zero carbon footprint thanks to its complete usage of hydroelectric and geothermal power.

The data center is also designed with a custom modular design and has only fans for cooling equipment. There is no other cooling equipment. This hosting facility has a 100,000 square feet shell and 5,000 feet has been built out for IT space.

With demonstrated success from Verne Global, Iceland could see an exodus of data center operators coming its way.

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