X-IO Announces ISE Station X Family of Large-Scale Storage Solutions

July 19, 2012 2 Comments »

Storage industry innovator X-IO today announced ISE Station X, a new family of enterprise-grade storage solutions that utilizes a combination of the company’s award-winning Hyper ISE and ISE 2 Intelligent Storage Elements.  Available in mid-September, ISE Station X will be offered in multiple base configurations – differing combinations of ISE-2 and Hyper ISE elements — to meet individual customer needs ranging from large numbers of IOPs, to rapid throughput, to the ability to easily manage large pools of data.

“This launch continues our mission to deliver unmatched performance and excellent value, addressing the needs of the rapidly expanding cloud provider market, as well as large private and government data centers,” said Rick Nelson, VP, X-IO. “ISE Station X meets increasing market demand for reductions in power, cooling and floor space in data centers, while also responding to our customers’ requests for an affordable and scalable way to manage large amounts of data.”

With ISE Station X, the total cost of ownership is greatly reduced over five years due to its zero-touch maintenance, self-healing disk technology, simplified management and five-year, no-cost hardware warranty.  Furthermore, because ISE storage systems reach reliability levels that are impossible for standard drives and enclosures (providing more than 100 times the reliability of a regular disk drive enclosed in a typical storage drive bay), ISE Station X significantly reduces service events and their impact on IT organizations.

ISE storage systems provide high performance throughout their complete life cycle due to the way they handle vibration, heat dissipation, data placement and drive reliability.  Additionally, the disk drives within ISE storage systems are not treated as individual and disposable components, but rather as a large, self-healing drive.

X-IO designed its Intelligent Storage Elements and architecture from the ground up to accelerate enterprise applications and drive unmatched storage price/performance, even for big data needs. Each X-IO ISE unit is a completely self-contained storage building block. The Hyper ISE version features  clustered on-board controllers that manage a performance pool comprised of both HDDs and SSDs. Exceptionally high performance is achieved by X-IO’s Continuous Adaptive Data Placement (CADP) software, which monitors I/Os in real-time, ensuring that high demand data hotspots reside on the faster SSD.  ISE is uniquely designed to scale so that no matter how many ISE units are added to increase capacity, full storage performance is maintained. ISE units from X-IO are major environmental upgrades to a data center due to their low energy consumption and low HVAC loads.


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