Welcome to the World’s First Data Center Container Park

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AST Modular, the modular and containerized data center pioneers, confirmed the successful delivery of a multiple data center container park in Denmark.

The Container Data Center Park rolled out by the Spanish engineering firm in conjunction with IBM Strategic Outsourcing Denmark will bring additional capacity to the outsourcing facilities of IBM and is composed of 21 containers spread over two sites. The new containerized modules that will complement the existing brick & mortar data centers are interconnected by redundant dark fiber trunks, thus enabling the whole campus to work as one highly resilient virtual data center of about 9,000 square meters (about 97,000 square feet) of raised floor space.

Redundancy and high availability are coupled with great levels of energy efficiency. The Container Park achieves a PUE of 1.13 thanks to AST Modular’s Natural Free Cooling patented technology and is herewith recorded as the lowest PUE of any of the client’s data centers in the Nordic region.

Natural Free Cooling (NFC), a worldwide AST Modular’s patent, is a modular indirect air to air and evaporative cooling solution that uses a heat pipe heat exchanger technology to cool the data center by leveraging temperature differences between outside cold air and hot IT exhaust air.

NFC capitalizes 100% free cooling with dry bulb temperatures below 20° C (68° F). It operates with adiabatic cooling with wet bulb temperatures below 20° C and it also deploys a traditional datacenter chiller when ASHRAE’s temperature and humidity ranges cannot be met, specifically with wet bulb temperatures above 20° C. Unlike direct free cooling systems, NFC is the first solution in the market that prevents cross contamination within the datacenter. The hot IT air is cooled inside segregated chambers and no outdoor air is introduced into the IT space.

Some of the technical features of the two sites are:

  • Seven 40′ IT containers.
  • Seven 10′ Natural Free Cooling containers.
  • Three 40′ service containers for power and backup cooling.
  • Four 20′ containers housing diesel generators.
  • 350-watt IT load capacity at 80% redundant supply capacity.
  • Dual bus to dual cord IT hardware.
  • N+N electrical design and N+1 cooling design.
  • Natural Free Cooling system: PUE 1.13
  • Interface to power, water and cabling for IT data monitoring and access control.
  • Standards for security and access control.

AST Modular Containers can be shipped anywhere in the world, making them a real plug & play solution and considerably simplifying the project deployment. Hence, the project delivery has taken 70% less for a conventional data center. In addition, while the modular approach minimizes CAPEX and allows for future expansion without disruption to the service, the use of ultra energy-efficient free cooling technologies dramatically lowers OPEX. Furthermore, the solution has been placed in a parking lot thus saving precious real estate space and can be relocated should they need to be moved.

Henry Daunert, CEO at AST Modular, declared upon completion of the project, “The moment has finally come for containers to go mainstream even within the corporate enterprise environment. AST Modular’s Data Center Park in Denmark is the true evidence of a shift in perspective by the financial industry towards containers. We believe that the modular approach is affirming itself as the only sustainable data center model and once again we are pleased to be at the forefront of such a process.”

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