The Decline In Speed Of The Internet

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According to a study conducted last year, global internet got slower at the end of 2011. While the year on year numbers looked fine, the average connection speeds decreased. This finding comes from the State of the Internet report from Akamai. The report says that the average connection speed dropped by 14% to 2.3 megabits per second. This 14% decline is in comparison to the third quarter of 2011. The average peak connection speed across the world was also relatively flat at 11.7 Mbps.

One of the reasons for this decline is the fact that there was a quarterly decline in global high broadband adoption which fell to 27%, representing a decline of 4.6%. While these numbers may not be too encouraging, the overall yearly trends show a different picture.

High broadband (connection speeds over 5 Mbps) adoption increased by 17% in year on year comparison and average connection speed increased by 19% year on year. South Korea clocked the fastest time.

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