The Big Data Opportunity: Just Mind the Gap, Warns Computacenter

February 24, 2012 1 Comment »

Computacenter, Europe’s leading independent provider of IT infrastructure services and solutions today warns businesses of impending “Big Data” skills shortages. As Big Data popularity grows with UK businesses, this creates both an opportunity and problem in both technological and human terms.

Bill McGloin, Practice Leader, Storage and Data Optimisation, Computacenter comments: “Big Data is not a new issue facing IT managers, however being able to use and harness each piece of data to ensure a positive business outcome is. As a result, finding employees with the right skills to generate these results is becoming increasingly difficult.

Big Data presents a huge opportunity to businesses, if used and collated in the correct way. It is true that by employing a skilled workforce, with the ability to harness data in the right way, information can turn into intelligence. However, companies need both people and technology to achieve results.”

By using employee skills to study customer behavior through sales data and implementing solutions to look at data activity patterns or marketing successes, companies can gain useful, actionable feedback on all of their past activities. However, this highlights the need for solid training as well as good business intelligence technology to make the most of Big Data.

By having both of these in place, businesses can refine strategies and change direction to match the market, shape customer engagement and new products and services, competing effectively and thriving in the current landscape.

“Whilst finding people with the correct skills to coordinate Big Data is becoming an ongoing challenge for organizations, it is increasingly important,” concludes McGloin. “However, with people from the school of big data and the right storage solutions going hand in hand, businesses will thrive.”

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