StruxureWare Data Center Operation v7.2 From Schneider

June 26, 2012 1 Comment »

Schneider Electric has come up with its StruxureWare Data Center Operation v7.2 which is essentially a data center infrastructure management or DCIM software. Schneider Electric is a global presence in the field of energy management. The new software promises IT optimization, server utilization and IT asset auto discovery among other things. The updated operations platform includes Cisco UCS Manager Plug-In and is powered by Intel Data Center Manager. Some of its main features are the Genome library which is constantly growing and helps the software in sensing power consumption even without hardware sensors.

It also has the ability to track underused servers so the data center can eliminate the same and run more efficiently. There is also an auto-association which helps in discovery of IT devices based on features like their IP address and make. The v7.2 platform has a range of automated means of keeping track of multi-vendor inventory. Some of its main benefits include the reduction of server sprawl and better ROI.

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