SecurEnvoy’s Business Booms as Demand for Two Factor Tokenless Authentication Escalates

February 27, 2012 No Comments »

In what is a difficult trading period for many companies globally, SecurEnvoy instead filed its most profitable year on record, growing by 55%, in 2011. The Company has expanded its global reach from 42 countries to 47 through its successful partner program—most recently in Russia, Czech Republic, USA, Thailand and Hong Kong. The success doesn’t stop there as 2012, so far, has already seen SecurEnvoy extend its global HQ in Berkshire (U.K.) and open offices in Nuremburg  (Germany) and Tampa (USA).

The British-based inventors of Tokenless two factor authentication (2FA), now leads the market in providing 2FA on mobile devices, using SMS messaging, to deliver users a one-time passcode to access data remotely. Its customers benefit from significant reduced time to deploy and a zero footprint approach.

Awarded the Queen’s Award for Excellence for Innovation last summer, SecurEnvoy has gone on to win business  globally, with companies looking for a best of breed IT security company recognized for delivering an innovative, unique solution that genuinely solves a problem practically.

SecurEnvoy believes that physical tokens have had their day, and seeing its own sales increase dramatically, endorses this conviction. Organizations are rejecting outdated physical fob tokens, as they’re expensive and require a great deal of maintenance. Instead, they’re turning to Tokenless 2FA, turning the end-users mobile phone into an authentication device. Fortuitously, SecurEnvoy has now had two successful patents granted for its ‘preload’ technology on SecurAccess and its tokenless 2FA of email messages with SecurMaill. This sanction protects its IP, preventing other organizations ‘copying’ its pioneering solution for reliable, business grade, Tokenless two factor authentication (2FA).

Additionally, during the recession, many competitors are falling by the wayside but an A1 rating from Dun & Bradstreet is further endorsement for SecurEnvoy.  Many organizations will only buy from companies that can demonstrate that they are robust, reputable and have a good track record and will be around for many years – especially reassuring after having invested in, and deployed, their technology.

Steve Watts, Co-founder of SecurEnvoy said “We’ve worked for many years to perfect our technology, and it’s paying off as we’ve been selling our solutions for over 10 years.  The ‘bring your own device’ culture has fuelled the market for “Tokenless” two factor authentication as research has shown that a user will, typically, discover their mobile phone is missing within 15 minutes, compared with a FOB which could take days before the user notices it’s gone.  We believe that, within five years, Tokenless licenses will exceed physical tokens and that they’ll be defunct in 10 years from now. And it’s not just our opinion as Goode Intelligence, the analyst firm, also predicts that the future will eventually be Tokenless.”

With a partner workforce of over 1000 people, selling its solutions globally through their successful partner programs, SecurEnvoy anticipates it will continue to grow its customer base by a further 50% during this forthcoming year.

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