Samsung Coming Out With Server Chips

August 13, 2012 4 Comments »

Samsung Electronics is planning to come out with low power ARM based server chips in the year 2014. This move will add to the growth of non-x86 chips that are serious competition to Intel. The target market is the microserver space. This space has earned the attention of companies like HP, Dell and other OEMs too. HP’s Project Moonshot is one such example. And it is likely that the Samsung chip will have an ARM v8 design, 64- bit capabilities, memory capacity and virtualization support too.

The company is working on a multi core SoC concept. For companies that operate hyperscale data centers, Web 2.0 companies and providers of cloud services, small and energy efficient systems make more sense.

Thus, ARM producers are seeing a pretty impressive growth of demand for their products which are essentially low power and SoC. Samsung is going all out to bring their chip into the market and is also bringing in the required people too.

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