Plixer Study: Cloud Service snd Mobile Device Netflow Analysis

February 29, 2012 2 Comments »

Plixer International, Inc., a leading provider of NetFlow-based network traffic reporting, today revealed unique insights for taking the digital bandwidth pulse of corporate networks. Entitled, The Future of Advanced NetFlow: New Elements, End-To-End Visibility and Network Security Threats,” the new report and complementary webcast on March 6th and March 7th, detail how leading companies are leveraging NetFlow and IPFIX data to detect network threats, improve cloud-based services and reclaim bandwidth consumed by mobile devices on the network.

“Data is the lifeblood of corporations and computer networks are its arteries keeping information flowing,” stated Michael Patterson, product manager, co-founder of Plixer International. “Companies such as Cisco, nBox and SonicWALL are developing new technologies to enable in-depth network traffic visibility via exporting NetFlow and IPFIX data into dramatic, visual bandwidth representations. Plixer’s new whitepaper and webcast series will spotlight these new technologies and underscore their value vis-à-vis cloud services, mobile devices and other issues depleting corporate bandwidth.”

Readers of Plixer’s whitepaper and webcast attendees will gain unique insights regarding:

  • How the proliferation of smartphones and tablet devices on the corporate network has created the need to follow their network traffic patterns to preserve bandwidth for VoIP traffic and other business applications.
  • Measuring the performance of cloud-based services to ensure corporations are receiving contracted service levels.
  • Following a data path through the network to pin point where service degradation occurs and instantly restore Quality of Service (QoS) values.
  • The proper use—and limitations—of flow technologies to spot network security threats.
  • Who the hardware vendors are that support leading-edge exports and flexible NetFlow reporting.

Download the new Plixer whitepaper at: Register to view the “The Future of Advanced NetFlow” webcast:

• March 6 @ 9AM ET & 2PM ET

• March 7 @ 11AM ET & 4PM ET

Plixer International is provider of Scrutinizer V9, a one hundred percent web-based tool that provides detailed network utilization reports showing the applications and users generating network traffic.

Leveraging the software’s domain utilization report, even sites with secured connections that use encrypted traffic can’t hide from the insight provided by NetFlow and IPFIX collection and reporting.  Scrutinizer is designed to peer deep into bandwidth traffic and enable the network administrator to easily see who is consuming bandwidth, what they are using it for and—immediately restore precious bandwidth for work-related needs.

Download a free trial of Plixer’s Scrutinizer for NetFlow traffic analysis or schedule a live demo by calling: (207) 324-8805 or via email at  For more NetFlow insight, follow Plixer International on their Blog, Twitter, Facebook or join NetFlow Developments Group on LinkedIn.


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