Only you can prevent cloud data loss

June 18, 2012 1 Comment »

Some of you might remember the saying from Smokey the bear, only you can prevent forest fires and for those who do not know about that, click on the image below.

Only you can prevent forest fires

The reason I bring this up is that while cloud providers are responsible (see the cloud blame game) is that it is also up to the user or consumer to take some ownership and responsibility.

Similar to vendor lock-in, the only one who can allow vendor lock in is the customer, granted a vendor can help influence the customer.

The same theme applies to public clouds and cloud storage providers in that there is responsibility of providers along with government and industry regulations to help protect consumers or users. However, there is also the shared responsibility of the user and consumer to make informed decisions.

What is your perspective on who is responsible for cloud data protection?
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Ok, nuff said for now

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