NYSE Euronext Acquired By IntercontinentalExchange

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IntercontinentalExchange Inc., a huge presence in energy and commodity futures bourse is all set to acquire NYSE Euronext for $8.2 billion. This acquisition will take place for cash and stock and will mean that IntercontinentalExchange (ICE) gets control of the world’s largest equities market. The Atlanta based ICE will shell out $33.12 per share which is 38% over and above yesterday’s closing price. The transaction is all set to finish up by the second half of next year.

NYSE has seen a reduction in its influence in the sphere of markets with its share in trading stocks going from a mammoth 82% to 21%. The merger of NYSE Euronext underscores this decline of NYSE and growth in derivatives. The shares of NYSE Euronext rallied to touch $29.77 – 24%. ICE can now reach across Europe to NYSE exchanges and serve clients with diverse needs.

This move could also reduce the cost of futures regulation and for NYSE it can mean an augmentation of domestic futures and derivatives footprint.

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