McAfee Brings Security to the MySQL Open-Source Database Community

March 26, 2012 No Comments »

McAfee has announced the availability of a free open-source audit plug-in for MySQL database users to capture complete detailed activity audits from their databases. The free-of-charge plug-in was created and developed by McAfee as part of a new set of features for its award-winning database security solution.  The new plug-in helps small and medium sized businesses as well as larger enterprises satisfy audit requirements.

“McAfee developed the free database audit plug-in to give the community of MySQL users a means of building enterprise-level database security around their databases,” said Dan Sarel, vice president of Database Security Product Management at McAfee. “When coupled with the McAfee  Database Activity Monitoring sensor for MySQL, the data is subject to the same real-time analysis and policy enforcement as the data collected from other supported databases.”

The McAfee approach to database security circumvents the major challenges that prevent most organizations from properly protecting their databases, by offering key features such as:

  • Complete visibility into database vulnerabilities: total insight into the security posture of each and every database in the environment
  • Non-intrusive, real-time protection across all threat vectors: solution is non- intrusive and requires no changes to the existing database and network architecture while offering reliable protection for databases from malicious or unauthorized activity across all threat vectors
  • Compliance without downtime: through McAfee virtual patching for databases, security updates can be made without the business disruption of taking critical applications offline

The McAfee database security solution’s software-only implementation is easy to deploy, highly scalable and ideal for protecting and monitoring databases in the cloud – many of which are MySQL-based.

The free open-source MySQL audit plug-in supports such databases as Oracle, Sybase, MS-SQL and DB2, and can be downloaded here:

For more information on McAfee database security, visit as well as watch this video demonstrating how MySQL databases can be protected against hacks and attacks on Web application sitting on top of the database.


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