May 2012 – Mega Data Centers

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Table of Contents

1.  The Rise of the Mega Data Center

2.  How to Justify the cost of New Backup and DR Solutions

3.  10 Power Protection Myths Debunked

4.  Designing a Mega Data Center

5.  Steps to Moving Toward Building Systems Integration

6.  Top 10 Green Features of a Mega Data Center

7.  Some Data Centers are Getting Smaller?

8.  Natural Disasters are not the only reason to have Data Recovery Plan

9.  How to make Private Cloud Initiatives Matter to your CEO

10. Make the Most of Application Delivery Controller Deployments

11.  Report Analytics:  Complementing Business Intelligence for Data-Driven Business Decisions

12 Your Turn – Strategies for Data Center Consolidation Part 2 of 3:  White Space

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