Intel All Set To Integrate Fabric Controller Into Server Chips

September 13, 2012 No Comments »

Intel has set its sights on providing twin benefits of better HPC and cloud performance and has decided to integrate a fabric controller into its server chips. This will be achieved in the next few years. By enhancing the memory controller and graphics capabilities of its processors, Intel is also helping increase energy efficiency, scalability and performance of the data centers. In the near future, an integrated converged fabric controller will be included in the Xeon server processors of Intel. The benefits delivers by such a move will enable the company to cater to the growing demands of businesses turning to virtualization and cloud computing and the need to deal with big data.

Companies like Facebook, Google and Amazon are constantly in need for bringing down the costs of operating the data center and increasing performance. With an integrated fabric controller, the server node will have fewer components and can therefore lead to lower power consumption.

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