HP’s $300 Million Data Center Investment

October 22, 2012 2 Comments »

HP has invested $300 million in R&D for its newest data center server HP ProLiant Gen8. The company’s Blade System Manager for Africa, Zeid Majid, has stated that the company has more than 150 innovations which have been created based on all the feedback that they have received from their clients and customers. One of the factors that have driven the company’s activities is the fact that customers spend an average of $24 million over three years on manual operations. This expenditure goes towards maintaining servers and server energy and facilities. These costs amount to $29 million for the company. Gen8 is a part of the company’s strategy to get into the mainstream of data storage for the organization.

These servers have been tested in upwards of 100 real time data centers. West Africa is one place which has seen huge growth from HP. The company has seen the opening of 12 offices in 6 countries in the recent past.

Read More At- http://leadership.ng/nga/articles/38089/2012/10/22/hp_invests_300m_data_centre_server.html

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