Heat Map Technology From Facebook

September 21, 2012 1 Comment »

The engineering team at Facebook has come up with heat map software that helps in quick identification of failures. This encompasses server, rack or cluster failure. The visual monitoring tool is called Claspin and works on the heat map format. With the growing size of the company’s data centers, it became more and more difficult to pinpoint where the problems were taking place and with this kind of technology, it can help in data center operations.

A heat map works by representing operational status in the form of cells on a matrix. Facebook has two cache systems which generate large amounts of performance metrics.

Even though the caching team was using a generic heat map, the software could not fit all visual data on a single screen. Claspin was designed to peg one heat map to each cluster of servers. And on a 30-inch screen, 10,000 hosts could be fitted at the same time.

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