Green Mark For Data Centers

October 11, 2012 Comments Off on Green Mark For Data Centers

Singapore is in the news for having come up with an idea of a separate green building rating system for data centers. This need has been a long standing one in the data center industry and one of the reasons why the country has been hard at work in this area is that data centers are set to grow by 50% in the next few years.This green rating system has been conceptualized and created by Infocomm Development Authority and Building and Construction Authority. Called the Green Mark for Data Centers, it will work across metrics like indoor environmental quality, water efficiency, sustainable construction and management and energy efficiency.

Based on the measurement of these five metrics, a data center can be awarded with Certified Status, Gold, GoldPLUS or Green Mark Platinum, in ascending order. This green rating has become even more important since data centers are power-centric and energy costs account for around half the operating costs of a data center. Three data centers have already got various Green Mark ratings under the pilot project of the scheme.

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