Enterprise Apps For Public Clouds

June 22, 2012 3 Comments »

There are quite a few companies that run the entire gamut of their operations on public clouds. For instance, Netflix uses AWS to stream movies and television program across the world. Concerns about collocated data, security and privacy have come in the way of wider adoption but there are 10 enterprise apps that are public cloud ready.Development and testing, training servers, development platform services, CRM, websites, big data projects, HR, project management, email and finally anti spam services – this is the list of the 10 cloud ready apps. Each of these apps delivers a specific advantage to the company when put on the cloud.

For instance CRM software like Salesforce.com has had a strong track record in the cloud. Big data projects, especially one time projects also can be executed swiftly in the cloud – for instance, The New York Times taking just 24 hours to convert all their archives into PDF format.

The concept of hyper hybrid cloud is also on the rise.

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