Enhanced Virtual Networking With Dell

April 25, 2012 2 Comments »

In 2011, Dell acquired Force 10 for the company’s capabilities in virtual networking. Recently, Dell has announced that it is building out Force 10 with enhanced virtual networking powers and adding on a new 40 GbE blade switch. Additionally, Dell is going with OpenFlow and SDN or software defined networking as well.The Virtual Network Architecture of Dell enables companies to enjoy cloud scalability and SDN programmability. The VNA is an open IT networking framework that is meant to deliver workload intelligence and efficient IT infrastructure. It brings SDN concepts into the main flow of networking. It is also interoperable with other networking vendor gear.

Dell has also come up with new hardware in support of the VNA in the form of MXL 10/40 GbE Blade switch. The MXL switch can deliver full switching capabilities and ensure local processing of traffic. Intelligent workload management sees the VNA following the movement of workload with no regard to the hypervisor.

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