Data Center Waste Management System

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The data center does create a lot of garbage or waste products. From paper to many other products, the data center has to deal with the recycling or safe disposal of trash. Paper printouts, servers and so on are all part of the data center waste management system. The waste management system gets more complex depending on the product that needs to be disposed off. Security of information remains a critical concern for most data center managers.

Confidential information can be retrieved from dumpster diving and going through the discarded material from a data center can yield plenty of information to the trained eye. Paper normally gets recycled and excess IT equipment goes on to online auction sites or even bought as scrap by other vendors.

Shredding the paper is a good idea before giving it up for recycling. For hardware, polices and operating procedures like being zeroed out is an essential step to be taken before they can be given to scrap dealers.

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