Data Center Problems For Twitter

July 27, 2012 Comments Off on Data Center Problems For Twitter

A day or so ago, Twitter went through a power outage that inconvenienced its users for more than an hour. According to the micro blogging site, the outage occurred due to a double system failure and had nothing to do with increased traffic due to the Olympics game. Normally, the failure of one system causes another system to take over but in Twitter’s case, both systems failed. Twitter management is working to address this issue.

According to Masen Rawashdeh, the vice president of engineering, it was an infrastructural “double whammy” and also that there is aggressive investment taking place right now to ensure that this scenario does not repeat itself. The outage affected customers across various countries and they were faced with either complete outage or with a sluggish site.

The Olympics is all set to cause a huge jump in the use of the site too so companies like Twitter and Google need to deal with this.

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